Our metal figurines and objects are manufactured in original Steelman quality, elaborately and carefully handcrafted. Due to this workmanship, each individual product is unique and fulfils the highest quality standards. These small pieces of art which consist of screws, nuts, metal and copper are produced with a high level of craftsmanship and an eye for detail, in an intensive and intricate manufacturing process. At the same time they are not only characterised by their extraordinary creativity, but also by unique attention to detail.

There are no limits to ideas and creativity in the development of our figurines and objects. More than 500 different creations from all areas of life have resulted from these skills. We hold a mirror up to everyday life and design little unique gems from what we see. These gems delight young and old alike. If nothing else, that is why our figurines and objects, amongst other things, are a great gift idea - whether for a birthday, name day, as a proof of love or as gift for your host - simply put, for almost every occasion.

With our metal figurines you will always have a gift of the very special kind.


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The happy elephant with his trunk up in the air. A fine writing instrument needs a resting place and this unique elephnat desk pen holder is the perfect fit.(Pen not included)
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£14.99 including 20% tax plus shipping costs