Revocation and Obligation to return the Goods

If the customer is consumer he/she may revoke his/her declaration to conclude a sales contract within a period of 14 days in textual form (e.g. by online return form, letter, E-Mail, facsimile) without stating a reason or by returning the goods. The term commences after the receipt of this revocation instruction in textual form, but not until the consumer has received the goods and either until the fulfilment of our duty to supply information according to break 246 sec. 2 in conjunction with sec. 1 para. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our duties according to sec. 312e para. 1 BGB in conjuction with break 246 sec. 3 EGBGB. The timely despatch of the revocation or the goods shall be deemed sufficient for compliance with the revocation term. The revocation shall be addressed to:

MJM-Vertriebs GmbH
Fuhlsbüttler Strasse 405
22309 Hamburg

Fax: +49 (0)40 - 657 11 79

In the event of effective revocation, the services received by either party shall be returned and any benefits that may have been accrued shall be released. If the consumer is unable to return the received goods either in total or in part or only in deteriorated condition, the consumer shall indemnify MJM-Vertriebs GmbH for the loss in value, if applicable. This shall not apply in the event that the deterioration of the surrendered goods is due to the inspection of the goods – as it would have been possible in a shop. Your obligation to pay compensation for lost value due to the deterioration of the good by way of its designated use can be avoided by not using the good as if it was your property and by refraining from any action that might reduce the good´s value.

Goods capable of being sent by parcel will be on request of the consumer collected from him by MJM-Vertriebs GmbH or shall be sent back by the consumer at the risk of MJM-Vertriebs GmbH. The consumer shall bear the costs of the return shipment if the goods delivered are as ordered and the value of the returned product does not exceed EUR 40,- or if in case of a higher value of the product the consumer has at the time of the revocation not performed the return service or the agreed partial payment. Otherwise MJM-Vertriebs GmbH shall bear in case of a valid revocation the costs for the return shipment respectively the collection including transport insurance. Goods not capable of being sent by parcel will be collected from the consumer by MJM-Vertriebs GmbH. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. This time limit begins for the consumer with the despatch of the revocation or the goods and for MJM-Vertriebs GmbH with the receipt of the goods.

A declaration to conclude a sales contract about audio or video recordings or software may only be revoked if the data carriers are sealed. Software, which accompanies hardware, may only be unsealed, if the software is compulsory to inspect the hardware.